About Regenerative Bodywork

Our practice was founded in May 2015 and is located in Osborne Park, inside of Primefit 24/7 gym





Introduction of our therapist - Emily Lee

Emily, originally from Taiwan, has been working as a remedial massage therapist since 2012. Over the years her work has evolved into her passion and she is always looking at new ways to challenge herself.

Emily genuinely believes that her giving and caring nature will make a difference to others. For her, identifying and treating the root cause of pain is far more effective than dealing with symptoms. With tailored treatment and combined with home exercises and a stretching program, Emily believes that most customers can recover from their chronic pain and resume their daily exercising activities.

She specialises in dry needling, deep tissue & sports massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, soft tissue injury treatment, PNF stretching, joint mobilisation and physical assessment. 


Emily is a keen cyclist & tennis player and has close engagement with many athletes from a broad range of sporting fields. She has a great understanding from working so closely with the various types of sports people the common issues/injuries that are sustained.

Emily is continuously expanding her skillset and has recently incorporated dry needling and myofascial cupping techniques into her treatment. She has found it to be an effective addition to complement her current massage techniques and has seen some promising results from her clients.





Professional care and quality service - We care about YOU!

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We make sure our clients have seen improvement and are happy with our services.


We educate our clients to maintain their health To prevents re-occurring injuries!


We make sure our clients have learnt the contributing factors for their conditions, and how to maintain their health in their own time.


We are always improving our services - We love to learn!

We make sure our therapist is up-to-date with industry practices and is continuously expanding their techniques /skill set as a part of their continual professional development.