What our clients said about our service...

The best Sports Massage I have had. Always feel great the next day and ready to train even harder. Then come back for more.


Eddy Hollands / Cyclist

Emily is very professional and she takes pride in her work, she has helped me through some of my aches and pains. I really appreciate her ongoing treatment to get through some tough days in the saddle training and racing
                                                          Jack Chang / Cyclist 
Emily is a strong and intuitive massage therapist. What's more, she actually cares about her clients! She treated my chronic shoulder pain with a genuine concern and affirmative action. She was responsive to my needs for a firm massage while being delicate, yet effective over many trigger points. I trust her to treat me in the future and look forward to becoming pain free in her care. Thank you Emily
Leigh Outschoorn / Cyclist
Emily is very perceptive of postural problems and can treat and improve associated pain and leave you feeling transformed! I'm always grateful after her treatment, and would really recommend her! 


Jocelyn Broderick

I have tried many deep tissue for my back pain over 3 + years due to my physical work. I have even seen Chiropractors, Rheumatologist and had Muscle scans.
I have been seeing Emily Regularly recently and surprisingly happy with the results in my muscle tightness & soreness.
I would highly rate her knowledge & professionalism higher than any other remedial practice I have been too.


Mitchell Nerad 

Emily really can make a difference to your body through massage, have noticed major improvements in my legs since visiting Emily when all other rehab I have been doing has not worked, AWESOME massage thanks Emily

Brendan Cregan